Planning for the New Year? Here’s How to Get Ahead

The only thing better than getting the case goods you need on time is getting them ahead of time.

In this industry, we all rely on efficient product manufacturing and supply chain distribution in order to meet goals and deadlines. Despite ongoing challenges in this area, we know our customers and their students still count on us to find ways around these delays. 

To ensure everyone has what they need on (or well before) move-in day, here’s a few easy tips for getting ahead in 2023 and beyond…

Increase your lead time to help offset delays.

An easy way to proactively mitigate delays in our industry is by increasing lead times. 

“To help get ahead on orders, we decided to build a wider timeline into every project. We’ve essentially doubled our lead times to ensure we’re on time for the customers and students that are counting on us.” – Dean Harvison, Partner/Managing Director

At Smarter Furnishings, we have discussions about orders for upcoming school years well in advance to allow for as much planning and shipping time as possible. The way we see it, there’s no such thing as ordering “too soon.”

Think long-term when asking questions.

This may seem like pretty straightforward advice, but in times like these, asking questions in advance is a great way to get ahead. Many times, we all get so caught up in today or tomorrow’s challenges and successes that we forget to think long-term. Ask yourself: What will I need this time next year? What about the next few years?

Once you have a good idea of what you need, our team of furniture specialists will work backwards with you to prioritize action items and get orders in before crunch time hits.

Make sure you have the right furniture partner.

Ever heard the expression “holding out for a hero”? When it comes to student housing, we believe connecting with the best furniture provider for you can make all the difference. The right partner doesn’t just fulfill orders—they proactively find ways to help, whether that’s by planning with you in advance or introducing new products to give you more options.

At Smarter Furnishings, we pride ourselves on doing both! With high quality products like our Saxman line, which was created specifically with students in mind, we’re able to introduce our customers to trendy new furnishings well before the start of the new school year.

Using durable laminate materials and special manufacturing techniques, Saxman furnishings can be customized around what your students need most. From mid-century modern designs to more traditional designs, this line offers the look you want out of products that are built to last.

“With the right joinery and finish, these products stand the test of time and still look high-end. That’s how we help our customers create smarter student housing experiences,” – Christian DenBeste, Director of International Operations

Interested in Saxman for your students? Eager to discuss your plans for 2023? 

We offer livestream demonstrations from our showroom or in-person presentations at your convenience. Give us a call at (205) 621-2502 or contact us online today!

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