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Meet the New Saxman Product Line

A Conversation with Christian DenBeste

A new year is just around the corner, and we can’t think of a better way to start it than with our brand new line of Saxman furnishings!

Keep reading to hear what Christian DenBeste, Director of International Operations for Smarter Furnishings, has to say about this exciting new product line…

“The mid-century modern trend is hot right now in retail. You see it everywhere. Whatever happens in the residential market is usually mirrored by the hospitality market, and to a certain degree the contract hospitality market,” Christian says.

So how does this translate to student housing? 

Smarter Furnishings is constantly assessing its products and asking the important questions to improve the customer and end user experience. One question that comes to mind for Christian regarding the Saxman line is: What are we trying to accomplish for our customers and their students with these interiors?

“We never want students to feel like they’re living and learning in an institutional space,” he shares. “They’re not checking into a hospital room. They’re not sleeping and studying in offices. These students want residential interiors that feel like home for a while.”

Creating a home away from home.

The Saxman product line offers the student housing industry something fresh and exciting… and with big benefits. Using high-quality laminate materials, Christian and the rest of the Smarter Furnishings team were able to develop an exclusive line of furnishings made with longevity and durability in mind.

“So, there’s two major characteristics of a mid-century modern design, specifically for a case good—whether it’s a media unit, dresser, chest, or something else. The first is the legs, the second is the face frame. To me, the 45-degree face frame is the most defining feature of this line.”

Saxman: The Smarter Choice

We believe laminate furnishings are a smarter choice for student housing because it’s easy to clean and maintain while offering many design options.

For traditional spaces, customers can opt for a beautiful, low-gloss laminate that looks like a wood grain surface. For urban or non-traditional spaces, customizing pieces with elements like metal legs and a fresh, edgy finish can offer a much more modern look.

“With the right joinery and finish, these products stand the test of time and look high-end in your space. That’s how we help our customers create smarter student housing experiences,” Christian continues.

Of course, there’s more that goes into creating these high-quality products than meets the eye. To achieve a precise result during the manufacturing process, Smarter Furnishings’ new Saxman line is built using diamond tip blades to cut the panels on every piece. The diamond-encrusted blades help prevent tears in the panel and create a precise cut at a 45-degree angle. 

The end result is a product made with pieces that fit together perfectly and a mid-century modern look your students will love.

Want Saxman for your students? Get ahead to avoid delays!

Our team is working hard to offset industry-wide supply chain delays, but planning ahead is still key in creating healthy, happy live-learn spaces for students. 
If you’re looking to rest easy with a complete line like Saxman, let’s meet to discuss your goals further during a live demo from our showroom. We’ve got you covered.

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