“I think what made us choose Smarter Furnishings was sitting down with Dean personally and really getting to know him. We appreciated the fact that we were meeting “the guy”. Dean and I have stayed in constant contact about all of our projects year round and the communication has translated into smooth order and installation. As we look to build more student properties it is good to know that we don’t have to worry about our furniture needs. I know Smarter Furnishings is there and has our back!”

B. Greg Wood, Jr.
CAM, President & COO, IMS Management

“At Corvias, we pride ourselves in working with contractors that truly understand the meaning of partnering. Smarter Furnishings is definitely a contractor that “gets it”. From day one, Smarter Furnishings has worked with us to ensure our project was a success. A prime example of this was at Augusta University. Despite challenges with access to the building, elevators malfunctioning, etc., Smarter Furnishings did what needed to be done to hit our aggressive schedule. This included walking furniture up 5 flights of stairs and working through a Holiday weekend. Without this level of commitment, we would not have met our goal.

In addition to this high level of commitment, everyone at Smarter Furnishings was a pleasure to deal with. I had the pleasure of meeting many of the employees, who were very conscientious and went to great lengths to make sure no damage was done delivering the furniture. I attribute this to your leadership. You worked side by side with them, and were on site every day to ensure everything went smooth.  Our building is now occupied with students and we hear great feedback on the quality of your product, and how great it looks.  I look forward to working together in the near future on many more projects to come.”

Michael Turturro
Project Manager, Corvias

“We choose to work with Smarter Furnishings as our portfolio supplier of furniture because of their transparency, commitment to quality control and willingness to do whatever was needed to ensure that we and our customers – our residents – received exactly what they expected in a final product.  When I speak to Smarter Furnishings, I know they can and will tell me where every part of every piece of furniture comes from, how it’s put together, how it’s tested, who is overseeing the process in the factories, how it’s going to get to me and who will be installing it.  I know I can count on them because I know they’ve done their jobs.

The senior leadership team maintains involvement in the day-to-day business – not just the sales, but the estimating, installation and follow-up.  That coupled with great flexibility regarding timing of ordering, logistics of shipping, storage and installation and more have allowed us to remain nimble as an organization.

Our business succeeds and grows when we provide an unparalleled experience to our residents.  Both in the overall resident experience and in the physical real estate and amenities we offer.  In student housing, the furniture package is a major amenity and selling point.  Delivering a quality product, on-time, that stands the test of time helps us meet and exceed our goals.”

Mitchell Smith
Chief Operating Officer, The Scion Group LLC

“I have used Smarter Furnishings for years and it was a great decision.  From the 1st year the customer service, promptness, furniture delivery and handling of any unseen issues, is always prompt and handled with ease!

We are a very high end student housing complex at the University of Oklahoma.  Smarter Furnishings has allowed us to continue to succeed in offering the best of the best in Norman by accommodating our needs in high end furnishing for our apartments.  The furniture that we order is not a typical dorm style type of furniture, it is a nice quality of wood with great finishes.”

Jennifer Cooper
Area Manager, The Cottages of Norman

“We have enjoyed a long relationship with the staff of Smarter Furnishings beginning with John Tipton and continuing today with Brian and Dean.  The staff at Smarter Furnishings makes the difference to us.  They are always willing to help no matter the size of the job or the need Troy has.

We appreciate the relationship with the staff, the quality of the product and Smarter Furnishings’ willingness to stand behind the product that we have purchased.  Lastly, the level of service from the planning phase through the installation phase.  Smarter Furnishings shows a commitment to their customers to ensure we receive a quality product in a timely manner through a very positive relationship.

We continue to enhance the quality of life for our students in the residence halls by enhancing the quality of the furniture placed in them.  Smarter Furnishings goes the extra mile to offer options and to assist us in providing a high quality of living for our students.”

Herbert Reeves
Dean of Student Services, Troy University

“Based on the excellent recommendation from quality colleagues, we chose Smarter Furnishings and have continued to foster the relationship for over a decade. I appreciate and love the A+ customer service that Smarter Furnishings brings to JSU. This is a family owned business that is dedicated to building quality relationships. We appreciate the hands-on approach and personal attention of the Smarter Furnishings staff.

We look forward to using Smarter Furnishings as we continue to expand in residential housing because of a great partnership, quality of product, exceptional customer service and a name that we can trust.”

Rochelle Smith
Director Residence Life, Jacksonville State University

“We chose Smarter Furnishings because of their exceptional quality of the wood furniture and the price is very reasonable.  First furniture we purchased eight years ago is still in great condition.

Brian and Dean are always just a phone call away if we ever need any assistance.  The service is great and the delivery crews are amazing. The staff is always very professional and courteous.  We love the quality of the furniture, but the professional service is what makes Smarter Furnishings so exceptional.

Residents are very satisfied with the quality and appearance of all the furniture in their rooms.  Both the room furniture (bed, chest of drawers, desk and chair) and the suite style living room furniture.  As we look to grow and build new residence halls, Smarter Furnishings is in the plans for new furniture.”

John Denson
Director of Housing and Residence Life, University of Montevallo

“I came to know Smarter Furnishings 14 years ago when they were chosen for a renovation project prior to my assuming my current duties.  I have used them every project since.

Smarter Furnishings is committed to the project and its successful completion, whatever that takes.  Smarter Furnishings has met impossible deadlines, at times I must confess, imposed by me.  They have done everything asked of them and have done it all in superb fashion.  Plus the products are pretty darn good.

As we expand or renovate or otherwise adapt to our changing market and customer, I know that Smarter Furnishings will provide products and services that will be transparently added to our environment giving outstanding value to our residents from the outset and providing the confidence that that value will be there for many residents to come.”

Steve Marcotte
Assistant Director Building Services, University of Georgia

“From product specs to budget planning and reliable installations, every detail of your project is personal to us. Because making smarter decisions is more than what we do… It’s who we are.

For nearly three decades, Smarter Furnishings has been a trusted partner and provider for companies across the nation. We understand you rely on our team and products to be ready on install day, and we want you to rest easy knowing we’ve got you covered—no exceptions.”

Mike Mouron
Capstone Development Partners, Student Housing Business Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

“When building a new residence hall, and decided to see what other furniture was out there.  The new hall would replace a current hall, so we planned a furniture show for the residents of the current hall.  We also invited the leadership of our student housing groups.  When the dust settled and the votes were all in, Smarter Furnishings was selected.  The response to issues or concerns with the furniture we have on campus has been something we have loved while working with Smarter Furnishings.

Smarter Furnishings helped us succeed in providing our stakeholders with nice reliable student room furniture.”

Dr. J. David Wilson
Director of Housing and Residence Life, Murray State University

Smarter Furnishings has the ability & willingness to create custom furniture product styles & custom sizes.  Smarter Furnishings has the philosophy of fabricating what the designer wants for a project.  They will work with our designers & will create drawings of a new product design and then have a mock up built in their factory to see how a new prototype product works and looks.

Capstone is always searching for an edge in the student housing market so when we want to have a custom style furniture series that stands out as unique – it is not a problem to accomplish this with Smarter Furnishings.

Also – many projects have tight spaces to fit standard sized furniture so custom sized pieces are needed. Desks and chests are amongst the most common custom sizes we ask for.”

Jane Brakefield
Director, Capstone Interiors

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