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What Sets Our Furniture Warranty Apart

Fact: With a long-term product warranty, you enjoy more peace of mind. 

The better the warranty, the more confident you’ll feel knowing your contract furniture partner is looking out for your best interest and your products are covered. And when you don’t have to worry or wonder what will happen if your furniture is damaged, you won’t just stress less at work — you’ll rest easy at night. 

What does a furniture warranty cover?

A high value warranty includes repairs and replacements and aims to reduce financial strains caused by furniture upkeep, so you can focus on helping students succeed.

In short, warranties are here to cover what you need, when you need it. While there are certain exceptions depending on the warranty you have, there are a couple of key advantages of having this extra coverage that never change:

Less Stress in the Long Run
A good product warranty is critical for both on-campus and off-campus living quarters. These high-traffic environments and the furniture in them endure plenty of wear and tear during their lifetime. This is because students, often living away from home for the first time, don’t always know how to properly care for their furnishings. The right warranty can help reduce stressors associated with frequent replacement of these furnishings in active live-learn environments.

Well-Maintained Student Spaces
The continuous use of furniture in communal spaces makes it susceptible to various mishaps and accidents. For on-campus living spaces where turnover rates are high, durable furniture with long-term warranties like ours helps ensure students have access to quality pieces. This may not seem essential at first, but we’ve seen a functional and aesthetically pleasing living space enhance student experiences time and time again.

Rest Easy with a 25 Year Warranty

We’re all about helping our customers rest easy, which is why we proudly guarantee a 25-year warranty on all case goods. We’re confident in the quality and shelf life of our products because we use materials and joinery we stand behind, and we’ve seen our products out-last students in the most high traffic areas.

Here’s how our warranty works at Smarter Furnishings…

Available on ALL Case Goods

Need parts replaced on your furniture? No problem! Our warranty applies to all of our case goods, so your products are protected no matter how much wear and tear they endure.

For products like chests, pedestals, and night stands, our team is able to come out and easily replace tops and fronts (which see the most consistent use from students). For certain upholstery pieces, we’re also able to remove and replace fabrics within our warranty, allowing for a longer product lifespan and helping to keep more furniture in rooms and out of landfills.  

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