Embracing a Humble Spirit: Why & How We Do It

Our team prides itself on our deep rooted values, one of which is our commitment to embracing a humble spirit in everything we do for our customers and partners.

To us, humility is one of the most important qualities you can find in a business partner these days, especially around the holidays when stress and busy schedules are at an all time high. Let’s take a look at how we actively embrace this value in our everyday relationships and processes at Smarter Furnishings…

Understanding the Role Core Values Play in Business

First and foremost, we want everyone who works with us—whether they’re a buyer or colleague—to know that core values are more than just words to us. At Smarter Furnishings, our values serve as the foundation for our business operations and our relationships with each other. They affect not only how we do things, but also why we do them in the first place.

For those who may not know, the core values our team lives and breathes every day are:

  • Personal Accountability
  • Pride in Performance
  • Humble Spirit
  • Habitual Learning

We recently expanded on our commitment to personal accountability and pride in performance on the blog. Today, we’re exploring the reason for our humble spirit—not just during the busy holiday season, but all year round…

Small Acts of Humility Drive Big Results

A guiding principle for us, we approach every project and partner with humility because we’ve seen how it helps foster an environment of respect, collaboration, and continuous improvement. Every day, our team works hard to exhibit a humble spirit in “small” ways that add up to make a BIG difference in the success of our customers and our own business.

A few ways we remain humble in spirit are by:

Being receptive to feedback. We believe humility is not a sign of weakness, but a mark of strength. To ensure we’re always meeting and exceeding expectations, we don’t just hear our customers out, we actively listen to their feedback and implement suggestions for driving success whenever possible.

Learning from others. Keeping an open mind and sharing knowledge are key ingredients in serving with humility. While we don’t underestimate our own abilities, we do recognize that there’s always room to grow and learn. “Our way or the highway” is NOT the philosophy we operate on, and we appreciate working with people who are also open to learning from others. There’s plenty of wisdom to go around!

Admitting mistakes. Mistakes happen! It’s natural in any business or relationship to experience a human error from time to time. But a cornerstone of true humility is the ability to admit when a mistake is made and correct it with a positive attitude.

Making time for gratitude. We’ve witnessed our customer and team relationships flourish when we serve with a humble heart and celebrate the achievements along the way. We acknowledge and appreciate the role each person has played in our journey and will never forget the relationships that have helped us get to where we are today.

To all of the people who’ve been a part of our journey thus far, thank you for your continued support as we grow. Here’s to another 30 years of collaboration, project wins, and humble brags—for our hardworking team and our amazing customers!

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