What “Pride in Performance” Means to Us

Most companies have values, but not every company’s team is aligned on those values and committed to understanding what they mean for each individual. 

We understand that together, we’re stronger when each and every one of us takes great pride in the work we do. From the service we provide to the products we install, everyone on the Smarter Furnishings team is dedicated to providing the very best for our customers — because finding ways to exceed expectations is when we feel most proud.

Why We Take Pride in Our Performance

At Smarter Furnishings, we believe pride in performance is a key ingredient in exceptional business (and not something every company offers). When individuals on a team value and exhibit pride in their work, it shows in their relationships with customers and other team members, as well as project results.

This “above and beyond” quality of work is why our leadership team prioritizes building strong, proud individuals as a way of creating the strongest team possible…

“Taking pride in your own performance is only half of success. Taking pride in the performance of those around you is the hallmark of a great team. It’s what makes a true leader and differentiates our team members from other companies that may not have a high level of personal accountability.” 

– Johnny Collins, Partner/CEO at Smarter Furnishings

How Do You Spot Pride in Performance? 

Let’s look at athletics as an example of this. No matter the sport, the outcome of a game can be greatly affected if players are more concerned with their own stats than the team as a whole. But if the team is a strong unit, it’s likely because each player has found a way to maximize their unique strengths and help their teammates do the same.

This TED Talk by Adam Grant about a successful sports team’s “secret weapon” does a great job explaining how taking pride in team performance over self performance usually helps win the game. 

Spoiler! He boils it down to a few notable factors for individuals:

  • Recognizing your own strengths and limitations
  • Looking for new or creative ways to turn your limitations into strengths
  • Communicating with your team openly to help achieve the common goal

These are a few easy tips anyone can use to help strengthen a team and produce results they can take pride in. 

If you’re looking to improve pride in performance in your personal role at work, keep reading for some quick questions to get you thinking about areas of opportunity…

Quick Questions for Improving in Your Role

  • How do you make your teammates’ jobs easier or more efficient?
  • In what ways do you go the extra mile to help streamline the overall process?
  • Individual workloads can get heavy in any role. Do you find that you worry more about your workload than other teammates?
  • Do you ask questions even if you think you already know the answer? 
  • Do you deep-dive in conversations to look for opportunities to improve relationships?
  • When business gets tough (and it will), can you focus on positive outcomes despite challenges that may arise? 
  • If you don’t understand something, do you listen intently and ask questions to help ensure goals are achieved?
  • Are you able to be challenged constructively without letting it hurt your pride?

Asking yourself questions like these can go a long way in helping you (and your team) find success beyond the status quo. Adam Grant said it best at the close of his TED Talk:

“Excellence is not about believing that you’re the best. It’s about always striving to get better.”

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