Being in sales, customer service is the cornerstone of our business. I believe building a personal relationship with every customer is key to not only growing as a business, but also growing as a person. I thrive to build every customer relationship on a foundation of honesty and integrity. "

Redding Tipton

Business Development

While summer of 2023 marks the beginning of Redding's career as a business development specialist, his history with Smarter Furnishings extends back to his high school years helping with summer installation projects. The Smarter Furnishings focus on accountability and service, first prioritized by founder, Johnny Tipton were passed on to Redding through his grandfather and his close relationship with his father, Brian Tipton.

Graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Business degree in 2021 from Florida College, Redding first worked in the financial services world. He applied the skills he learned traveling as a college ambassador to promote and recruit for his school to his account development and management role. He is pleased (and we are thrilled) to join the Smarter Furnishings team. He brings a fresh and positive approach to challenges in the student housing industry.

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