Cultivating trust in our customer and partner relationships is what we do best. It’s why we’ve become a leading provider of furniture in our industries. Our team is top notch, and we all truly try to do our best for each other every day."

Kay Tipton


It’s a family effort at Smarter Furnishings. After teaching math at a local high school, Kay began her journey into the furniture industry alongside husband and Founder, Johnny Tipton, in 2007. Following his many years in the industry, Johnny asked Kay to join the then-new business venture for her administrative skills and passion for helping people.

Since then, they’ve been taking on the industry together. What started with Southeast U.S. partnerships has scaled to become a national customer base, and Kay believes the family culture at Smarter Furnishings is a big reason why customers remain so loyal today.

If you ask Kay, she’ll tell you that growing the company while working with her husband, son (Brian), and son-in-law (Dean) full-time is a great joy. Together, their strengths and talents allow a wide range of customers to rest easy. Whether you need custom designs or reliable construction that’s built to last, there’s nothing Kay and her family can’t deliver for you.

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