I work with a team that feels more like a family, even as we continue to grow. It’s a wonderfully refreshing environment to work in and it shows in our customer relationships."

Bridgitte Phillips

Order Specialist

Bridgitte came to Smarter Furnishings in 2020 with a background in accounting, order entry, inventory control, materials planning, and production planning. After working with CEO, Johnny Collins, in a previous industry, Bridgitte knew that a team Johnny loved being a part of would be one she loved being a part of, too. And she was right!

Today, Bridgitte's primary responsibilities include inventory management, billing, and handling purchase orders. She enjoys getting to work closely with several of her team members on a daily basis. Moving forward, however, she’s excited to continue learning and growing. With a diverse skill set and long history in service-oriented industries, Bridgitte is confident that her and the rest of the Smarter Furnishings team will continue building strong customer relationships for many years to come.

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