Maximizing Dorm Room Spaces: Essential Strategies for Turn Season Success

Turn season is officially here, and we know this is a critical time for everyone involved in student housing. The summer months bring a whirlwind of activity, with mass move-outs followed swiftly by mass move-ins. 

This transitional period, known as “turn,” is when property staff must evaluate, repair, and prepare units for incoming students. It’s a busy time, but with the right strategies and furniture partner on your side, you can ensure your dorm rooms are ready on time and optimized for both space and functionality. Keep reading for a few tips from our team to get you started…

Embrace Multi-Functional Furniture

One of the best ways to maximize space in dorm rooms is by incorporating multi-purpose furniture. Pieces that serve more than one purpose can save space and reduce clutter. For instance, a bed that doubles as storage can be a game-changer, so look for beds with built-in drawers or elevated beds that create space underneath for desks or seating areas.

Elevated beds are an excellent example of a versatile piece that combines sleeping and storage space, making it perfect for maximizing the layout and function of small rooms.

Optimize Vertical Space

In tight dorm rooms, every inch matters! Utilizing vertical space can dramatically increase the functionality of a room. Shelving units that extend upwards rather than outwards can provide ample storage without taking up valuable floor space. Wall-mounted shelves and hooks are also great for keeping items off the ground and within easy reach.

Consider our Franklin Hutch, which provides a sleek desk area complete with one or two shelving units. A good hutch will offer plenty of storage while maintaining a clean, open feel!

Create Defined “Zones”

Even in small spaces, creating defined zones can help make a room feel larger and more organized. These zones — aka designated areas for sleeping, studying, and relaxing — can be created through clever furniture arrangement, as well as the use of rugs or room dividers. 

For example, positioning a desk near a window can create a dedicated study nook, while a cozy chair and a small table can form a perfect relaxation corner. To help with this, we offer mainstay collections like Saxman, Franklin, and Acacia — all of which feature compact, stylish desk options, seating, and tables that are built to fit nicely in small spaces. As a result, these collections can help create productive study areas and calming relaxation areas for students without overwhelming the room.

Invest in Quality Storage Solutions

Effective storage is essential in student housing. Under-bed storage bins, over-the-door organizers, and stackable crates are all excellent examples of ways to keep belongings tidy and out of sight. 

In terms of furniture specifically, pieces with built-in storage, such as ottomans or benches, help keep items neatly tucked away—and they can also serve as extra seating in some cases. At Smarter Furnishings, our Princeton collection features a stylish, customizable ottoman that’s perfect for small dorm room spaces.

Refresh & Reorder Wisely

During turn season, it’s crucial to evaluate the condition of your existing furniture and make necessary replacements. Turn is the perfect opportunity to invest in pieces that enhance space utilization and meet the evolving needs of students. When reordering, consider furniture that is durable, easy to clean, and adaptable to various room layouts. That’s where we can help with products that are built to last and personalized to each live-learn environment.

Efficient Dorm Room Turnover:

Tips for Optimizing Space & Enhancing Student Living

Turn season may be a hectic time, but with thoughtful planning and strategic furniture choices, you can maximize space and create comfortable, functional living environments for your students. By implementing these and similar space utilization strategies, you’ll not only enhance the student living experience for residents, but also help streamline the turn process for your entire team. The result? A successful turn season and a year of happy, comfortable students!

Ready to transform your student housing units? Let’s make this turn season your best one yet! When you’re ready, we’ll meet to create a personalized plan for elevating and replacing your student housing furniture, ensuring you have what you need on time and within budget.

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