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Why You’re Seeing Extended Shipping Times and How to Avoid It in 2024 & Beyond

Sourcing and importing products from overseas is a common practice for U.S. businesses looking to leverage cost efficiencies and access a wide range of goods, including commercial furnishings. 

However, an international logistics landscape comes with its own challenges, especially when navigating the complex and fluctuating ocean freight market. Recent disruptions in the Red Sea region have added another layer of complexity, affecting shipping routes, schedules, and costs. 

Let’s explore these challenges and break down a few key strategies for navigating global furniture sourcing under current market conditions.

What’s Going On? The Red Sea’s Significance

The Red Sea is a critical maritime passage that serves as a conduit for ships traveling between the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea via the Suez Canal. It’s a vital channel for global trade, particularly goods moving between Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and the U.S. 

However, in this area, challenges like political instability, piracy, and regional conflicts have posed significant risks to shipping operations, leading to disruptions that can ripple through global supply chains. 

Here’s what that means for you…

From Asia to the States: The Impact on Ocean Freight

Now more than ever, you need to partner with a global manufacturer you can count on to deliver on time at the price you need it. But now more than ever, the instability and uncertainty in the global supply chain can lead to delays, gaps in service, and a general lack of transparency.

The good news is… these things don’t have to be a concern for you! With the right partner on your side, you can Rest Easy knowing your overseas order is being managed correctly and efficiently, so the students who rely on you to furnish live-learn spaces on time are covered.

3 Key Strategies for Navigating Overseas Shipping

To provide full transparency every step of the way and ensure you receive what you need on time, we’ve adopted key strategies for successfully navigating a reliable global supply chain.

Here’s what you can expect from a Smarter Furnishings partnership:

  1. Flexible, proactive planning: There is no such thing as planning “too early” to us. We’re always pre-planning and looking ahead to ensure our processes are as proactive and cost-efficient as possible, so we can account for unexpected delays without ever compromising on product quality.
  1. Reliable inventory & logistics: Our mature global supply chain and proven forecasting allows us to serve you with a strong network and processes in place. In addition to our readily available Quick Ship collection, we utilize a predictive approach to fulfilling orders and furnishing rooms, adjusting logistics strategies as needed along the way.
  1. Full transparency & access: Several global and regional factors can impact shipping routes and schedules in our industry, so we understand your need for transparent communication and complete access to your products. This transparency and access is what we believe enables you to make the most informed decisions, which is why it’s a priority to us on every project.

Need Solutions Now? Reach Out!

We understand this is an emerging and ongoing situation, but we want our partners to take comfort in knowing Smarter Furnishings has decades of experience finding solutions to challenges like route disruptions, increased shipping costs, capacity constraints, and other supply chain setbacks. Finding solutions for you is what we do!

Have a project in mind? Book a consultation to learn more about our process and products straight from our consultants before making a decision.

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