How Our Team Culture Encourages Learning & Growth

In the student housing industry where trends evolve rapidly, the role of habitual learning in ensuring success can’t be understated. From the buyer ordering the furniture to the students using them, everyone involved in the process can benefit from a team who’s passionate about learning and able to adapt quickly based on what they learn. 

Keep reading for a rundown on how and why our team stands firm in our commitment to habitual learning and ongoing growth…

What We Mean by “Habitual Learning”

When we talk about habitual learning, we’re referring to the process of forming lasting habits that encourage growth through continued learning. At Smarter Furnishings, we value habitual learning and consider it a way to express our commitment to seeking new knowledge in all facets of our work and lives. Because we know that true growth in our industry—and in any industry—stems from learning as much as you can.

As people, we believe we’re never “too smart” or “too knowledgeable” about a topic and that there’s always room for improvement. That’s why, as a team, we always stay at the forefront of industry trends, so we’re ready to use our newfound knowledge and tools to hone and develop skills, adapt to changing market conditions, and better serve our student housing partners.

How We Work & Live by This Value

Habitual learning isn’t just an asset for our team and customers; it’s a necessity to grow. We know that efficiently filling student housing units requires a furniture provider who doesn’t shy away from a challenge or request. Here’s a few ways our team actively encourages growth through small, consistent efforts to learn from customers and each other:

  • Staying ahead of trends: Keeping a close eye on emerging trends in design and manufacturing is paramount in our industry, especially in a post-COVID era when supply chains are still shifting everyday. In addition to mature, reliable manufacturing connections, our team prioritizes staying informed and learning about the latest developments in today’s market. This allows us to efficiently provide high-end products that align with the needs of modern students and your vision for the project.
  • Adapting to change: If we’ve learned anything from the past 30+ years, it’s that the market is constantly changing, and it will again. When market dynamics and the demands of student housing shift, it’s important to have business partners on your side who never stop learning. Habitual learners are often able to be more flexible in changing market conditions thanks to a wealth of knowledge they can tap into for quick, strategic furniture solutions and recommendations.
  • Incorporating customer feedback: One of the most important aspects of habitual learning involves actively asking our customers for their feedback and finding ways to evolve with what we learn. When we receive feedback of any kind, we don’t just listen; we hear and anticipate your needs in order to meet and exceed expectations every time. When you partner with us, we want you to know your feedback is a valuable source of insight that we use to constantly fine-tune the furniture experience for you and the students who count on you.

As we continue navigating the complexities of student housing in 2024, core values like habitual learning will continue to serve as a compass for our team and partners, guiding us towards informed decisions, innovative solutions, and sustained success. That’s how we help our partners enhance the student experience and ensure they’re able to rest easy along the way! 

Ready to Learn & Grow with Us?

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