Why Community is Important in Live-Learn Environments

When the world went virtual in 2020, many industries had to adapt to changes in how their physical spaces are designed and utilized, including the higher education market. Today, students live and learn in new ways, with new priorities to consider while they’re in college. 

From creating a comfortable, inviting atmosphere to protecting student health in social settings, the right furniture can make all the difference. Keep reading to learn how…

Why is Community Critical for Students?

Many students rely on inclusive communal spaces and authentic connection with others to help build a sense of community while they’re away from home for the first time. Simply knowing there are people around who care and want to see them succeed can go a long way for students pursuing new personal and academic goals.

“Having twin boys in college during the pandemic, I saw firsthand how even a small loss of community was a challenge. College is tough enough; having a group of people who support you isn’t just comforting, it can improve your overall well-being.” – Johnny Collins, Partner/CEO

The Role of Furnishings in Creating Community

In such a virtual era, we believe furniture plays a key role in creating a sense of community for students. And we believe it because we’ve seen it time and time again. 

The right furniture in student housing units can help:

  • Enhance productivity & retention during group learning with practical pieces
  • Improve social interactions with comforting spaces to come together
  • Optimize smaller live-learn environments with space-saving solutions

In other words, the “right” furniture is made to fit into a student’s life. The pieces should complement their lifestyle at school and provide what they need to succeed, whether it’s in an individual or group setting. In shared spaces, this can be as simple as choosing furniture that reflects the shifts in how students study and socialize today.

Studying & Socializing in Groups, Safely

If the pandemic reminded us of anything (other than the importance of community), it’s how easily germs can spread. We understand sickness can affect the way students study and socialize: two activities that are essential in forming and maintaining a sense of community during college. That’s why washable surfaces are especially crucial in group environments.

In the furnishings industry, we can do our part in keeping students healthy at school by creating and sourcing products that are low maintenance and easy to clean. In turn, a simple cleaning process for students and custodial crews will help prolong the life of the furniture, so schools see the greatest return on investment while safeguarding student wellness.

Here’s an example: The picture shows traditional wood with signs of wear and tear (top photo) next to high pressure laminate used in many of our products (bottom photo). Laminates are extremely durable and easy to clean, making it ideal for anyone furnishing dorms and common areas.

“A big part of what we do is creating functional, practical environments for students, but we’re also always looking for smarter ways to increase efficiency for the customer. From how it’s designed and materials used to how it’s installed and used by students after, we consider all aspects when furnishing communal spaces.” – Thor Augustus, Sales Director

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