Student Housing Furniture That Feels Like Home

As the people responsible for creating live-learn spaces that serve as home for countless students, our team understands the importance of environments that foster comfort and a sense of belonging—just like home does.

In this article, we’ll explore how colors, textures, and the materials used in contract furnishings can help transform a student living space into a home away from home.

How Contract Furniture Creates a Sense of Home

Making every day a positive, productive experience for students is at the heart of what we do at Smarter Furnishings. But in order to do this, we need to first understand what qualities about our products nurture the happiest, healthiest students long-term…

  • Colors hold immense power in shaping the mood and ambience of a live-learn space. When choosing your contract furniture, consider warm and inviting color palettes that evoke feelings of relaxation, serenity, and coziness. Earth tones and soothing neutrals can help create a sense of calmness, adding to the level of comfort and productivity a student is able to achieve in a space.

    For lighter colors that pair well with varying aesthetic preferences and décor, the laminate selections shown on our Acacia and Saxman collections can be great options.
  • Textures play a significant role in enhancing the tactile experience and adding depth to a space. Incorporating soft fabrics like upholstery can instantly help create a sense of “hominess” without losing the luxury look. Utilizing materials with different textures not only adds visual interest to a room (making it more inviting for the student), it also provides a unique space for them to retreat to after a long day of studying.
  • Materials used to create your contract furnishings also play a pivotal role in the overall appeal and functionality of a space. Natural materials like wood offer a warm and inviting aesthetic, bringing a touch of nature indoors. This material is not only visually-appealing, but also more durable and sustainable than other options, ensuring longevity and resilience in high-traffic areas without compromising on student comfort.

Much More Than a Dorm or Shelter…

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: The right furniture can contribute to an all-around improved student experience, supporting their physical and mental well-being, academic success, and overall satisfaction with school life. 

By combining colors, textures, and materials in an intentional and natural way, student housing directors can work with their contract furnishings partner to transform cold or bland live-learn spaces into personal sanctuaries. Because at the end of the day, it’s not just shelter we’re here to provide… We exist to create nurturing, welcoming environments that students can come to know as “home.”

Drive Home Student Success with Smarter Furnishings

At Smarter Furnishings, our team of furniture aficionados work hard to ensure every student feels at home during their college experience. With a wide variety of pieces that can be personalized to your spaces, we’re able to provide stylish furnishings your students will love that are also practical and aid in their success at school.

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