What Makes for an Exceptional Install

You know as well as we do there’s a great need for high-quality contract furnishings in educational and student housing facilities. A practical, efficiently-furnished space can help boost learning and positively impact student success on so many levels. 

One crucial aspect of this process is the timely and effective installation of contract furniture.

“Must Haves” in an Exceptional Install

This month, we’ve got installations top of mind. With mid/end of summer installs coming up, we’re focused on providing furnishings our partners can count on. 

If you have an installation scheduled with us, or if you’re considering us for your next order and installation, here’s a few musts you can expect to receive:

Efficient Planning & Logistics

We understand that prompt furniture installation helps minimize disruptions and allows universities and educational facilities to focus on their core operations without unnecessary delays. This efficiency is particularly crucial in this industry because it ensures students can move in without any hiccups.

At Smarter Furnishings, we don’t wait to begin planning your installation. We don’t wait for products to arrive or push the planning out—we dive into the logistics immediately upon order.

Attention to Details, Always

The biggest thing that separates our install operations from others is how we train and utilize our team. Every installation is unique and requires different planning, but these projects always rely on attention to detail. The seemingly smallest details can be the most aggravating for project leads: trash left on the property, smoking in non-smoking areas, dinging or scratching doors or other surfaces. These are the “little things” we train our team to lookout for that make a big difference during installs.

Experienced & Collaborative Team

Before, during, and even after installation day, an ongoing conversation between our team and our clients and vendors is a must. Aside from providing quality furniture, our mission is to help everyone we work with rest easy from the initial contact to the final post-installation consultation. After three decades of on-time installations, our contract furniture experts understand the importance of this continued communication and collaboration firsthand.

Sustainable Mindset

If needed, our installation team will remove old or unwanted furniture and ensure it’s put to the best use possible. By aligning with organizations like the Chicago Furniture Bank, these donations can help keep usable furniture out of landfills.

Furnishing Success Even After Installation

It might not seem like the most important part of the process, but installation can actually make or break the end result. Aesthetically, this is typically the most visible part of a project. Practically, the way products are installed can affect whether or not they aid in student success… or if they hinder it.

Here’s a quick look at a few exceptional installations our team accomplished on-time—both of which are helping to set students up for success today…

The Scion Installation

Client: The Scion Group
Project: New chests and desks installed, featuring our Apex collection and Keystone upholstery

The UC Davis Installation

Client: University of California, Davis
Project: 4,500 beds installed without interruption to other contractors on the job site

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