How to Properly Clean Student Housing Furniture

Did you know it’s easy for students to care for their Smarter Furnishings products?

It’s true! After decades of serving the student housing industry, our team of contract furniture experts have come to understand exactly what students need to succeed at school and stay healthy in their everyday lives. That’s why all of our Education industry furnishings are made with easy student upkeep in mind.

Proper Cleaning of Contract Furnishings

Let’s keep it real: Students don’t want to spend a significant chunk of their college experience on cleaning. Sure, dorms and residence halls get dirty… but between academics, athletics, and maintaining a healthy social life, students are busy! 

Let’s take a look at a few examples of how easy it can be to clean some of our most popular collegiate furnishings and protect student wellness long term…

Product: Writing Desk

Collection: Saxman

This collection offers multiple desk options (with or without drawers) for live-learn spaces. Made with high-pressure laminate and solid interior construction, Saxman desks are built to last and easy to clean!

Students can clean their Saxman desks using a simple warm water and soap mixture, followed by a cold water wipe down with a microfiber cloth. If a student plans to clean using a store bought cleaner, we recommend closely following the directions as instructed on the label for effective cleaning and safer spaces year-round.

Product: Lounge Chair

Collection: Park

One of the reasons our student housing partners love the Park collection is its versatility. Our Park Lounge Chairs are available in multiple fabric options, allowing us to customize the look based on your project goals. If helping students keep their furnishings clean and germ-free is on your priority list, consider choosing an easy-to-care-for fabric like PVC Vinyl (which can be easily wiped clean like the Saxman Writing Desk). 

However, if you’re searching for a superior look for your facilities, you may want to consider a premium fabric like Sherpa & Shire for any lounge chairs. While cleaning a polyolefin fabric can be slightly more challenging, it’s still manageable for students! 
According to Absecon Mills, a Smarter Furnishings upholstery partner, Sherpa & Shire is best suited for periodic cleaning (a few times per year) to avoid oversaturating the fabric. As always, dwell time will vary depending on which cleaning product a student uses, but all in all they can expect to care for the upholstery in their live-learn spaces in as little as a few minutes.

Product: Bookcase or Wardrobe

Collection: Franklin

More often than not, students come to college with a lot of stuff… Whether they need extra storage for books, clothing, or miscellaneous items, a multi-shelf bookcase or wardrobe can be a great addition to their live-learn spaces. Our Franklin collection offers several styles of bookcases and wardrobes that are versatile and easy to keep clean.

Constructed with high pressure laminate panels, interior hardwood, and metal joinery, most pieces in the Franklin collection can be cleaned using a standard hardwood and laminate spray. 

For pieces that have drawer components, Smarter Furnishings offers drawer boxes with a UV coating to make cleaning up easy!

Superior Student Housing Experiences Start Here

Whether you’re looking for a complete collection or a single piece to compliment existing furniture in your educational facilities, Smarter Furnishings offers everything you need at the prices you want. 

By working with you to customize every order, we’ll make sure your student housing facilities are set to make a great impression on students while exceeding your project goals. From long-lasting use to easy everyday cleaning, superior student housing experiences start here.

Ready to kickstart a project today? We offer livestream demonstrations from our showroom or in-person presentations at your convenience. Give us a call at (205) 621-2502 or contact us online today!

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