Prioritizing Sustainability in Every Project

The furniture industry comes with a certain level of environmental responsibility. Our customers expect us to be stewards in sustainability, and we hold ourselves to the same high standards.

The hard truth is, the Environmental Protect Agency (EPA) estimates “a significant proportion of furniture (19.5%) was combusted for energy recovery in 2018, but the majority of this product sector (80.1%) was landfilled.” That translates to over 9.6 million tons of furnishings in landfills that year alone…

At Smarter Furnishings, we’re committed to finding everyday solutions within our own business that help reduce that number. We believe our customers deserve the best, and it’s our job to integrate sustainable solutions into the products and services they count on. Here’s how we do it…

Replaceable & Recyclable Materials

Both our customers and the planet benefit from replaceable fabrics and recycled packaging. Fabrics that can be removed and replaced help extend the life of our upholstery pieces and save our customers money—all while keeping furniture out of landfills for as long as possible.

We’re proud to do our part in reducing furniture waste. Along with replaceable fabrics, we use non-toxic, burn-resistant materials like farmed rubberwood to provide customers with responsibly harvested products. But it’s not only our products we evaluate for improvements…

As a manufacturer, we understand that the materials we choose throughout the entire furniture buying process can make all the difference. That’s why we utilize 100% recycled materials in our packaging, so customers can feel good about their products and the way they were delivered.

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Third-Party Testing

In addition to the materials we use, we’re proud to be TSCA Title VI compliant, meaning all of our products are certified under the EPA’s Toxic Substances Control Act to prevent off-gassing and ensure no volatile organic compounds are released into the air we breathe.

We want our customers to rest easy knowing they receive the products they need without compromising on quality or safety. To help deliver on this promise, our products are also tested by the California Air Resources Board (CARB II certified) to comply with the strictest emissions standards in the industry.

Aligning on Impact

Another way we prioritize sustainability is through our partnerships. By aligning with reputable organizations like the Chicago Furniture Bank, we’re able to further minimize the amount of furniture waste sent to landfills and put old pieces to new use.

Chicago Furniture Bank, whose goal is to help those facing poverty furnish their homes completely with free furniture, aims to furnish 4,000 homes in 2022 alone. We’re excited to be joining them in their mission by donating and delivering old furnishings whenever we can.

Focusing on the Future

We’re taking the necessary steps to reduce our footprint and help customers do the same, but there’s always more work to be done. Our goal for the future is ZERO material wasted, and we plan to keep finding ways to improve until we reach it!

Sustainability isn’t a one-time initiative… It’s an ongoing commitment to improve for our planet and its inhabitants. Ready to join us by incorporating sustainability into your next project? We’d love to meet and discuss your goals.

Give us a call at (205) 621-2502 or contact us online to schedule an in-person or livestream demonstration from our showroom.

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