The Smarter Way: Furniture That’s Right for Your Facility

More often than not, the furnishings in high-traffic industries like education, hospitality, and healthcare play a big part in setting the overall tone of a facility. At Smarter Furnishings, we’re dedicated to providing quality furnishings that offer your customers and staff the best living and learning experiences possible. 

Whether you’re interested in shopping an existing collection or designing custom pieces, we’re here to serve as your partner in operational success. Keep reading for a breakdown of the personalized start-to-finish service you can expect to receive during the Smarter Furnishings process.

Step 1: Collaborative Consultation

In any project, the first step should always be problem/need recognition. Instead of telling you what you need, our initial consultation is about finding out how we can help achieve positive outcomes in your industry every day. We may be experts in all things furniture design and production, but nobody knows your facility and those in it better than you.

With this in mind, every purchase order begins with a personalized consultation to go over specs, construction details, and cost. During this collaborative planning session, we’ll listen and learn from you in order to create the most efficient purchase order and project schedule possible.

Step 2: Design & Production (for Custom Orders)

The most creative part of the process (and the part many of our team members get most excited about) is design. Custom orders allow our customers to bring their products to life—ensuring you get exactly what you need to succeed every time.

After working with you to nail down design and materials, we’ll put your product(s) into a line drawing and render the piece or collection for you to see. From there, we’ll make any minor modifications needed before heading into mass production. 

It’s our top priority to deliver the best quality product on schedule. Keep in mind that, at any point during this process, a project manager will be on stand-by to provide an update on your order.

No time for custom designs? Speed things up with a standard set!

One of the most notable benefits of ordering from an existing collection is the time savings. Since we typically have more existing collections in circulation, this option is great for schools, universities, healthcare facilities, and hotels that need readily available pieces in an expedited time frame.

Custom or not, it’s important to us that you receive exactly what you need. When purchasing existing furniture, we’ll quickly get you samples to review in-person and can even create a space to place the pieces in your own project setting. The extra confidence this provides throughout the entire process is just one reason customers who start with us, stay with us.

Step 3: Delivery & Installation

After nearly 30 years of on-time deliveries and installations, saying this step is as important to us as it is to our customers would be an understatement. We understand customers like you count on the Smarter Furnishings team to show up on-time every time. More than that, we understand that you have people counting on you to deliver, too.

With so much depending on this step, we always ensure a member of our executive team is present on installation day. This allows us to collaborate and adapt to any changes efficiently, so you have the products your facility needs on-time no matter what. If problems or challenges arise along the way, we’ll be there to alleviate any concerns, so you can rest easy knowing everything is handled from start to finish.

Rest easy… The Smarter Way.

Transparency and open communication are two critical components in every Smarter Furnishings order. From introduction to installation, our dedicated project managers are constantly tracking and communicating progress. Because at the end of every project, we want our customers to feel confident that they delivered their best with the help of a partner who delivered their best. That’s the Smarter way.

Let’s meet! We can livestream demonstrations from our showroom or schedule in-person presentations at your convenience. Give us a call at (205) 621-2502 or contact us online.

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