Our work is heavily dependent on deadlines and organization. Having a quality process and warehouse crew is essential to keeping products going out safely and on time."

Shane Ashcraft

Warehouse Manager

A native to Montgomery, Alabama, Shane began his career as a teacher and coach. After over a decade in the education industry and many summers working with Smarter Furnishings as an installer, he received an opportunity to join the team full-time as Warehouse Manager.

Shane was eager to bring many of the same skills from his previous position to this new one. He believes his organizational, leadership, and problem-solving skills play a large role in his current responsibilities. By managing his team with these skills in mind, he’s able to continuously improve warehouse operations and exceed customer expectations.

From housing inventory to ensuring a smooth transition of goods, you can count on Shane to help deliver your Smarter Furnishings products safely and on time. Though his work tends to occur “behind the scenes,” his dedication to getting the job done right the first time, every time shines through in every customer experience.

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