Our global supply chain is designed to produce smarter solutions for our customers. It’s stable, strong, and nimble when needed—just like our manufacturing partnerships and our international team of product development, quality control, and logistics experts."

Jason Moore

Special Projects Manager

In 2011, Jason came to Smarter Furnishings to assist in the company’s expanding operations. Over the following decade, he filled critical gaps in every department, helped fine-tune internal processes, and equipped team members with the resources they needed to complete projects on time and within budget.

Jason’s favorite part of the job is having a firsthand impact on the company’s tools, training, and supply chain visibility. His work for the last three years specifically has focused on how to continue improving these tools and processes for a smarter, more efficient team all-around. He believes the added value that these improvements create for customers is what sets Smarter Furnishings apart from others in the industry.

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