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In Partnership for A Sustainable Stewardship

Smarter Furnishings means we engineer campus furnishings to stay on the campus – and out of landfills.

Operating green and sustainably is a vital issue on American campuses, centers for both research and activism. According to an article on sustainability issues on campus in, “Colgate University research tells us that a college or university’s commitment to sustainability actually can influence whether or not students apply to that school. And once on campus, student-community environmental programming is perceived to improve the quality of life at a school.”

The author, a recycling industry executive, urges colleges to go beyond paper and bottle recycling in their campus initiatives, summarizing that the campus stand on sustainability impacts student attraction and retention. “Every college wants to attract great students and make their experience a rewarding one.” Environmental stewardship on a campus is a key influencer on our 21st century students’ decisions.

Partnering in Stewardship Principles

As a trusted vendor, we believe in partnering with the colleges and universities we serve (and their design and development teams) in every aspect of the student experience. We commit to creating housing and study, dining and common area furnishings that are comfortable, durable, smart and on-trend for today’s students. We commit to enhancing their overall live-learn environment, but we also commit to build furnishing that last. To AUS Smarter Furnishings, sustainability is a simple practice of stewardship to preserve, protect and provide for the next generation.

Our founder believed in building furniture from the inside out based on 3 stewardship principles:
the materials we use, how we join them and how we protect them.
 We build and manage our product lines for quality, dependability and longevity at every step, from product design through production, packaging, delivery and installation.

AUS Smarter Furnishings means we organically think generationally. The higher education market we have served for nearly three decades educates and equips each new generation. Our leadership team stands on the shoulders of the generation before, founder John Tipton, who created a company on ageless principles. We build furniture to last 25 years, guaranteed, for multiple generations of students.

We would be honored for you to check us out. Find us on with relevant information to help you make smarter decisions on behalf of your students and your housing budgets.

AUS Smarter Furnishings is the smarter decision for sustainability.

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